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Call for papers

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From 15-18 August 2017, the 29th Congress of Nordic Historians will take place at Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre, Denmark. The main organisers are the Centre for History at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, the Danish Historical Society, and the Nordic Committee for Historians. The congress theme is:

Reshaping Culture and Environment

A reformation refers to the act or process of changing a condition - usually with reference to a state or way of thinking, perceived to be better or more pristine. The concept is commonly associated with the historical processes emerging from Martin Luther’s actions half a millennium ago, when in 1517, his 95 theses were nailed onto the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. But demands for reform are on-going, and the subsequent transformation processes are classical subjects of study for historians. In 2017, it is also the 30th anniversary of the UN report, ‘Our Common Future’, which introduced the need to reform humanity’s co-existence with nature. This and other of today's global challenges are increasingly addressed by Nordic historians. Reformations, in all their diversity, are the main theme of the Congress of Nordic Historians in 2017.

The Congress of Nordic Historians is, however, much more than celebrating two significant anniversaries. We therefore welcome submissions reflecting the state of all strands of historical research in and around the Nordic countries.

The programme will consist of thematic sessions, round table discussions and sessions of free presentations. The keynote speakers are:

Professor David Armitage,
Harvard University

Professor Lyndal Roper,
University of Oxford


Proposals must be submitted via the congress submission site. Deadline for submissions:

1 September 2016

Conference proceedings: A selection of conference papers will be published in approx. three peer reviewed volumes published by Aalborg University Press in the series Studies in History, Archives and Cultural Heritage. Read more about this publication opportunity.

Best regards,

The Organising Committee:
Poul Duedahl, Bo Poulsen and Johan Heinsen



Secretary-General and Conference coordinator
Poul Duedahl

Conference coordinator Bo Poulsen

Conference coordinator Johan Heinsen

Conference secretary Marianne Høgsbro

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