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29th Congress of Nordic Historians, 15-18 August 2017, Aalborg University, Denmark

From 15-18 August 2017, the 29th Congress of Nordic Historians will take place at Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre, Denmark. The main organisers are the Centre for History at the Department for Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University, the Danish Historical Society and the Nordic Committee for Historians.

The Congress of Nordic Historians has been organised since 1905. Since World War II, the congress has been circulating from one Nordic country to another every third year. Between 500 and 600 historians from all five Nordic countries will participate in the Congress in Aalborg.

The programme will consist of keynote lectures, thematic sessions, round table discussions and sessions of free presentations. 


Thank you all so much for taking part in the Congress of Nordic Historians in Aalborg. See you in Gothenburg in 2021.

The winner of The Nordic History Book Prize is... (read more here. NB! Only available in Danish)




The Conference program is now available, here.

keynote speakers:



Professor Sverker Sörlin,
KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

Special keynote session:

The President of Iceland
Guðni Th. Jóhannesson

in conversation with
former Editor-in-chief,
Dr.phil. Bo Lidegaard


Music at the opening ceremony
provided by
Orkester Norden /
Nordic Youth Orchestra


The Congress of Nordic Historians will take place at Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre, Denmark

Reformations, in all their diversity, are the main theme of the Congress of Nordic Historians in 2017.

“Reformation” refers to the act or process of changing a condition - usually with reference to a state or way of thinking perceived to be better or more pristine. 

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Secretary-General and Conference coordinator
Poul Duedahl

Conference coordinator Bo Poulsen

Conference coordinator Johan Heinsen

Conference secretary Marianne Høgsbro

Registration and accommodation
Conference program
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