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Research projects by Latin American Studies

Research projects by Latin American Studies

Malayna Raftopoulos

Environmental Governance and Natural Resource Development 

Malayna’s research focuses on social-environmental conflicts and the shrinking space of civil society within the natural resource arena. It examines the link between extractivism and human rights and the role human rights can play in the political battleground over natural resource development. Her work also examines the challenging scenarios and original perspectives that have emerged in Latin America in relation to climate change and the environmental crisis. She analyses the creation of new environmental discourses and policies through the emergence of new centres of epistemic production in the region and examines how these inform the reconceptualisation of environmental governance beyond existing political and economic paradigms.

Vibeke Andersson and Helene Balslev 

Creative Learning (By Doing)

Vibeke’s and Helene’s research focuses on developing new ways of using the problem-based-learning (PBL) model to transform the project based learning model and create creative ways of integrating students in teaching methods and research projects. This project will be incorporate results from students’ and staffs’ field work into creating new teaching material, and at the same time it will establish a platform where researchers and students establish learning processes that are based on co-creation.

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Lotte Crone Roulund. 

Alternative political structures

Lotte’s research examines different kinds of political systems and practices, and looks specifically at how groups of the Mexican population exercise their right to govern themselves by structures and principles that are based on indigenous heritage and protected in international and national law.

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