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Herbjørn Andresen

Herbjørn Andresen - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Herbjørn Andresen (b. 1966) is an associate professor in Archival Science at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. PhD on a cross-disciplinary dissertation on regulations and tecnhologies for exchanging medical records accross organisational boundaries within the health sector, from Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, University of Oslo, 2010. Teaching and research interests are the intersections between technology, law and social sciences, applied to digital records management, digital preservation and dissemination. Also a member of Standard Norway’s comittee SN/K 177, the national mirror committee of ISO/TC 46 Information and documentation.

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Steen Andersen

The National Archive of Denmark


Greg Bak

Greg Bak - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Greg Bak is an Associate Professor of Archival Studies in the Department of History at the University of Manitoba in Canada. His research and teaching focuses on digital archives, archival decolonization, histories of digital archives and histories of digital culture. Prior to coming to the University of Manitoba, he was a Senior Digital Archivist with Library and Archives Canada. Recent publications include articles on the nature of records and metadata in the digital age and a two-part history of digital archiving in Canada. He is currently engaged in two research topics. The first explores the limits of North American appraisal theory in advancing archival decolonization and Indigenous cultural resurgence. The second explores whether linked data might allow archives to more accurately represent multiple provenances in archival description. 

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Søren Bitsch Christensen

Søren Bitsch Christensen - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Søren Bitsch Christensen (b. 1969), PhD, since 2011 City Archivist, Aarhus City Archives, since 2018 Adjunct Ass. Professor in History, Aarhus University. Ass. Professor in History, Aarhus University, and Director of the Danish Centre for Urban History 2001-2011. Vice-Chairman, Organization of Danish Archives. Secretary General of Section of Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives, Int. Council on Archives. Publications include Danske Bystudier 1-5 (eds.), (2004-2011), Ribe Bys Historie 710-2010, 1-3 (2010).

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Anrew Flinn

Andrew Flinn - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Andrew Flinn is a Reader in Archival Studies and Oral History in the Department of Information Studies, University College London where he has taught on the Archive programme since 2002. Prior to UCL he studied at the University of Manchester (PhD, 1999) and worked at the People’s History Museum in Manchester and the British Museum. Andrew is the vice chair of the UK Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG), and has been a member of the group’s executive committee since 2005. He is a member of the steering committee of the ICA’s Section on Archival Education, was the chair of the UK and Ireland Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research (FARMER) between 2008 and 2011 and was the editor of the Journal of the Society of Archivists (now Archives and Records) from 2002 to 2009.  He is also a member of the European team in the InterPARES Trust research project and a co-leader of the Archives cluster in the joint University of Gothenburg / UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies. In 2011 he was the Allen Smith Visiting Scholar in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College Boston, in September 2015 an invited visiting scholar at Monash University and in 2017 a visiting researcher at the University of Gothenburg. His research interests include independent and community-based archival practices, archival activism and social justice and participatory approaches to knowledge production aiming at social change and transformation. Relevant publications include (with Duff and Wallace) Archives and Social Justice, Routledge (forthcoming 2019), ‘Working with the past: making history of struggle part of the struggle’ in Reflections on Knowledge, Learning and Social Movements (eds Aziz & Vally, 2018) and 'Community Archives' in Encyclopaedia of Archival Science (eds Duranti & Franks 2015).

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Charlotte Hagström

Charlotte Hagstrom - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Charlotte Hagström is a Reader in Ethnology and Senior Lecturer in Archival Studies at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University. For many years she worked at the Folklife Archives where she was responsible for managing the qualitative questionnaires, a method for documenting and collecting material about everyday life. Originally a method mainly used by ethnologists, it has gained popularity among researchers from various disciplines. She has published several articles about the method and the material it generates, most recently “Qualitative questionnaires as a method for information studies research” (together with Rivano-Eckerdal 2017). In 2018 she was co-editor of “Enskilda arkiv”, an anthology about private archives directed both to students of archival science and to archivists working with this kind of material.


Lars-Erik Hansen



Pekka Henttonen

Pekka Henttonen - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Pekka Henttonen (b. 1963) docent, Doc.Soc.Sc., is lecturer in the Tampere University, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Science. Henttonen has written especially about metadata and knowledge organization in records and archives management. He is also author of the first academic textbook about archival theory in Finnish.

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Isto Huvila

Isto Huvila - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Professor Isto Huvila holds the chair in information studies at the Department of ALM (Archival Studies, Library and Information Science and Museums and Cultural Heritage Studies) at Uppsala University in Sweden and is adjunct professor (docent) in information management at Information Studies, Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. His primary areas of research include information and knowledge management, information work, knowledge organisation, documentation, and social and participatory information practices. The contexts of his research ranges from archaeology and cultural heritage, archives, libraries and museums to health information and e-health, social media, virtual worlds and corporate and public organisations. He received a MA degree in cultural history at the University of Turku in 2002 and a PhD degree in information studies at Åbo Akademi University (Turku, Finland) in 2006.

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Bente Jensen

Bente Jensen - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Bente Jensen is an archivist at Aalborg City Archives and part-time lecturer in subjects related to archives and cultural heritage at the department of History, Institute for Culture and Global Studies, at Aalborg University in Denmark. 

Her research interests are strategies and methods of participatory archives and archives' outreach. She is one of the editors of the recent Nordic anthology about archives and outreach: #arkivdag – relevans, medvirkning, dialog (Oslo 2016). She also participated in the Nordic project: Turning Access into Learning (2016- 2018), which explored digital archives and their potential for learning. Right now she has special focus on how the change to digital will affect the methods and strategies related to the visual holdings in the Nordic research project: Collecting Social Photography (2017 -2021), ( about digital social photography as records and memory in museums and archives.



Helle Strandgaard Jensen

Helle Strandgaard Jensen - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Helle Strandgaard Jensen is associate professor at Department of History and Classical Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark. She holds a PhD from the European University Institute. Jensen’s work focuses on contemporary childhood and media history in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the US after 1945. She combines historical methods with theoretical approaches from cultural studies and media studies. One part of her research has media as the historical object of study. The other looks at how digital media – in particular digital archives, sources, and research tools – influence the discipline of history. She is the author of From Superman to Social Realism: Children’s Media and Scandinavian Childhood (John Benjamins 2017) as well as a number of articles on childhood history, children’s media culture, and digital archives’ impact on historiography.

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Ann-Sofie Klareld

Ann-Sofie Klareld - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Ann-Sofie Klareld (1981) is currently working as senior lecturer within archival science at the Division of ALM and Digital Cultures, Lund University. She is a member of Forum for digitalization (FODI), a multi-disciplinary forum that consists of researchers from several fields, such as archival science, information systems and industrial economics. The forum combines a critical approach with an ambition to contribute to a positive development of society, by developing and communicating knowledge about information, design and society analysis. Klareld defended her doctoral dissertation Closer together or further apart? Public administration and archives in the digital age in October 2017. She also holds a Master of Arts in Ethnology. Klareld has previously worked as archivist and registrar for several years, primarily in the state and municipal sector. Her research interests include the (re)organization of mandates and responsibilities relating to archives and records in the context of digitalization and e-government development.

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Christian Larsen

Christian Larsen - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Christian Larsen (b.1974), senior researcher, PhD, The Danish National Archives. He works with appraisal, records handling, and transfer of public digital records, in particular the Danish municipalities and regions. His main scientific focus areas are Danish educational history, and the history of the Danish civil service. He is the author, co-author or editor of 24 peer reviewed monographs and articles, amongst others “A Diversity of Schools: The Danish School Acts of 1814 and the Emergence of Mass Schooling in Denmark”, Nordic Journal of Educational History, 2017) and “The Danish secondary schools 1880-1950: national legislative framework and local implementation”, Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy, 2018, and together with E. Nørr and P. Sonne: Da skolen tog form. 1780-1850. Dansk skolehistorie (2013).

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Tom Nesmith

History, University of Manitoba, Canada

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Mads Neuhard

Københavns Stadsarkiv


Gillian Oliver

Monash University, Australien

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Marianne Paasch

Marianne Paasch - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Marianne Paasch is research assistent and part-time lecturer at the Department of History, Institute for Culture and Global Studies, at Aalborg University. She holds a PhD in information and records management from Aalborg University. Paasch’s research focuses mainly on (born) digital archives and the practices surrounding the creation and use of digital information in organizational settings in both the public and private sector in Denmark and internationally – and how these information management and archival practices and processes influence the long-term preservation and use of (born) digital archives in the future.

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Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen

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Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Professor Elizabeth Shepherd, Head of Department and Director of Research, Department of Information Studies, UCL. Research interests are rights in records, links between records management and information policy compliance and government administrative data (including the MIRRA project, Memory - Identity - Rights in Records – Access, on Twitter: @mirraproject, blog at: https// She also researches the development of the archive profession in 20th Century England, and the life and work of pioneering women archivists in England.

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Anneli Sundqvist

Anneli Sundqvist - member of the IRFD Network Digitization and the Future of Archives

Anneli Sundqvist (born 1963), ph.d. 2009 with the dissertation Search Processes, User Behaviour and Archival Representational Systems. She is associate professor in archivistics at Oslo Metropolitan University, with the teaching areas archival theory, general records management, functional analysis, and user behaviour. She has previously held a position as senior lecturer in archival science at the Mid Sweden University in Härnösand. Before that she worked as a professional archivist in the private sector. Her research interests can be described as a matrix consisting of three partly overlapping research areas: information behaviour and documentation practices, information representation and materiality, and technology and institutional and organizational change; crosscutted by a strand of intradisciplinary and theoretical development.


Nanna Bonde Thylstrup



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