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Ecocide Law

Ecocide Law

Ecocide Law

Addressing environmental concerns, damage and destruction has become a priority across the local, regional, national, and international scale. The consequences of ecocide are becoming increasingly clear with the global community feeling the impact of a changing climate and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia highlighting environmental crimes and ecocide, opening of a new environmental legal front. Furthermore, as the global community embarks on the Green Transition, investing in new and renewable energy projects among others, new environmental, legal, political, and technological problems will arise. Ecocide Law is an initiative that provides access to information, action, and scholarship on the use of international criminal law to protect the environment and the development of a new international crime of ecocide. This project was established by Stop Ecocide International, the Stop Ecocide Foundation and the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law and also involves the Human Rights Consortium, University of London. AAU’s role in the partnership is to engage with these challenges through discussions around the impact of socio-technical transformations across different scales and spaces and contribute to the knowledge building around ecocide though its collaboration with diverse actors as well as creating new global frameworks. 

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