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Welcome to the Department of Politics and Society

The Department of Politics and Society is the focal point of research and teaching activities that cover a wide range of political, cultural and social issues, with a particular focus on comparative, historical and contemporary knowledge of regional, national, European as well as global dynamics and inequalities. All in all, the composition of the scientific staff represents an exciting diversity, drawing on expert knowledge from both politics, management, digitization and the social economy as well as historical insights and a global outlook. The breadth of the research and teaching activities within the department form the basis for addressing societal challenges from a temporally and geographically expanded perspective.

Head of Department Michael Baggesen Klitgaard

Research clusters

The department hosts 4 research clusters:

Boards and councils

  • The department council (IR)
  • The council for collaboration and working environment (DPS SAU)
  • The strategic council for study programmes (USU)
  • The research council (FoU)

Key figures as of 1 March 2022


  • 84 scientific members of staff.

The management of the department consists of the head of department, Michael Baggesen Klitgaard, together with two deputy heads of department: Jan Holm Ingemann and Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt.

  • 50 technical-administrative members of staff.

The technical-administrative staff members are affiliated with a joint administration which provides services to both the Department of Politics and Society and the Department of Sociology and Social Work. Otto Simonsen is the head of the joint administration. Jette Loll Pedersen is the area manager of the study administration and Bodil Hald is the area manager for Finance, funding and HR.

The joint administration is divided into the following teams

  • Department secretariat
  • Finance
  • Funding (pre-award)
  • Study programmes administration
  • Local study programmes service

The department has research and teaching activities in both Aalborg and Copenhagen.


  • Bachelor: 555
  • Master: 642
  • Continuing education: 323


  • 17 PhD students

The PhD students within the department are affiliated with the PhD program for Politics and Society.

Study boards and study programmes

Study Board for Politics & Administration and Social Studies (PAS)

BA and MA in Politics & Administration.
For MA students we offer specialisations in:

  • Politics and Analysis
  • Management and Administration

BA and MA in Social Studies
Upper secondary school teacher in Social Studies (major and minor)

Study Board for Digitilization

BA in Innovation and Digitalization (BiD)
MA in IT management (

Study Board for Master in Public Governance (continuing education)

Master in Public Governance (MPG)

Study Board for History

BA and MA in History
Upper secondary school teacher in History (major and minor).
For MA students there are specialisations in:

  • History
  • Records and Information Management
  • Cultural Heritage Management
  • Optional self-defined specialisation

Study Board for International Relations (SNIF)

MA in International Relations (IR)

In Aalborg the program offers three different study profiles:

  • EU Studies
  • Global Gender Studies
  • Global China Studies

In Copenhagen, the International Relations program offer a specialisation in Global Refugee Studies.

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